wild pampas




Jemmy`s Lodge - Victoria - La Pampa

Red Stag, European Wild Boar, Puma, Blackbuck Antelope, Fallow Deer.

A great place for the best big game hunting in the wild argentine's semiarid pampas, where you will find extraordinary Red Deer, Antelopes, Fallow Deer, Wild Boars, Sheep and Pumas, surrounded by the authentic Gaucho's environment, also including the highest comfort and top level international service.
Wild Pampas offers you the unique possibility of enjoy the exciting Big Game mixed with a really funny pigeon shooting, only 20 minutes from the lodge.
Feel the unforgetable pleasure of riding in the unlimited pampas.
Enjoy nature the big way, with the comfort of our top class "all-included" service.
• There five rooms here. Each air-conditioned room has two double beds and private large bathrooms.
• Full board - finest grilled meats, best Argentinean wines
• Complete hunting service: professional guides, pick up boys, rental guns, shells provision, private fields.
• Vans vehicles transportations
• International telephone, internet
• Lounge complete with bar, and satellite TV
• Trophy preparation
Flight connection through Buenos Aires commercial flight


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